Inflatable life jackets Belt-Pack, Delta 150N,

Inflatable life jackets Belt-Pack, Delta 150N, 

An inflatable life jacket is a Personal Flotation Device, whose buoyancy is produced by inflating it with a gas, which is provided in a compressed gas cylinder or alternatively by an oral tube attached on the life jacket. This type of life jackets is used in their inflated form only at the time of need and not before. They have one or two inflation chambers, manual or automatic inflation system, a CO2 gas cylinder, an oral tube and the necessaryharnesses or straps. For extra security, the inflation chambers are made of durable nylon fabric with PU coating, the single or twin seams are welded, while the straps or harnesses ensure an optimum fit to the body. Inflatable life jackets are designed and constructed to offer the maximum safety and comfort and thus they are the best choice for sailing offshore and under all weather conditions.

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